About Us

SINAPI is an owner managed business that was established in 2006 to design Medical Devices with clinical benefit. We sell directly to hospitals in South Africa and via distributor partnerships to more than 30 countries internationally.

SINAPI employs more than 150 people, occupies factory space of +/-2000sqm, is an accredited ISO 13485 & ISO 11135 facility and manufactures according to FDA’s GMP standards. Functions include Design & Development, Engineering, Primary manufacturing (Injection moulding & extrusion), Secondary manufacturing (Assembly in Class 100 000 cleanroom), Sales & Marketing and Support functions. 
SINAPI is commited to a sustainable future. Please click here to see our Carbon Reduction Plan.


SINAPI, although being a for profit company, have partnered with several NPO’s and NGO’s contributing to global efforts aimed at providing affordable healthcare to communities in need. Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare.
SINAPI’s commercial reach extends to South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We welcome interest from healthcare distributors or providers.
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